Our Models

Get to know the inspiring women who bring Adore Me lingerie to life.

Adore Me is a snark-free, body-positive zone. All body shapes are welcome and we have a wide range of styles. Our petite-to-plus size range invites women to come-as-they-are. And we’re proud to give women of all shapes and sizes an idea of how our size range fits on models of all shapes and sizes. It’s undeniable that every bra, panty, sleep, or lingerie set makes her look as good as she feels wearing it. We have the ideal style and fit for every type of girl to easily create the look she wants. Our celebration of body positivity is growing, so we have the ideal style and look for every girl. The average cup size has changed drastically over the years (from 34B in ‘92 to 34DD in 2013, so we offer “non-traditional” sizes that other brands don’t. From pretty, petite models like Simone Villas Boas, Gabby Westbrook, Chase Carter and Marianne McKinney to gorgeous, curve models like Sophie Tweed-Simmons, Bree Warren, Iskra Lawrence and Rose Concencion, we have featured inspiring women of all shapes and sizes to bring our wide range of lingerie to life. Adore Me has made a wide range of sizes available since it’s fruition, (we take pride in our ability to create the perfect fit for all sizes, from petite to plus) while most brands just recently decided to address the fact that 67% of women in the world are considered plus (or size 12 and up). This point made it incredibly important for not only our product to fit and inspire every body type, but our models should too.