Simone Villas Boas

Adore Me Model Simone Villas Boas wearing Ainslee Countour

Simone Villas Boas hails from Brazil, but now calls NYC her home. Good for us, as she has been featured in our May, September, October, November and December 2015 collections, as well as our February, April, May, June and July 2016 collections. She’s even starred in one of our commercials!

Vanessa Fonseca

Adore Me Model Venessa Fonseca Wearing Nerissa Contour  

Vanessa has modeled in our September and November 2015 collections, as well as our February, May, June and July 2016 collections. She’s from Brazil and if she wasn’t so busy modeling with top lingerie and swimwear brands, she would open her own health food business!

Iskra Lawrence

Our fave English model Iskra is a body-positive activist, curve model and managing editor at Runway Riot - and she’s only 25!

Bregje Heinen

Adore Me Model Bregje Heinen Wearing Elisabetta Unlined

Dutch model Bregje Heinen was featured in our May 2016 collection, and was even in the Maroon 5 music video for ‘Payphone’. Fun fact: Bregje is a diehard MAC makeup fan!

Sophie Tweed-Simmons

Adore Me Model Sophie Tweed-Simmons Wearing Vivianne Unlined Plus

The gorgeous Sophie Tweed-Simmons had her lingerie modeling debut with Adore Me lingerie.

Michelle Rudan

Adore Me Model Michelle Rudian Wearing Tawny Plus Swimsuit

One of our gorgeous, seasoned vets of Plus size, Michelle Rudan modeled for Adore Me’s November and September’s 2015 collections and the January 2016 collection. She posts the best inspirational quotes on instagram and always has great vibes on set!

Bree Warren

Adore Me Model Bree Warren Wearing Kinsley Plus

Bree Warren had her Adore Me debut in the August 2016 Collection, then brought her undeniable beauty to both our September and October 2016 Collections. She stars in our activewear commercial, and represents Adore Me's Plus activewear line!

Daniela Lopez


The October 2016 Activewear collection was joined by model Daniela Lopez.

Nina Agdal


Danish beauty Nina Agdal is featured in the 2016 Swim Collection.

Marianne McKinney

Adore Me Model Marianne McKinney Wearing Selene Contour

The gorgeous Marianne McKinney modeled the February 2016 collection.

Chase Carter

Adore Me Model Chase Carter Wearing Keona Swimsuit

Cool chick Chase Carter was featured in the January 2016 collection.

Rose Concencion

Adore Me Model Rose Concencion Wearing Parker Unlined

Curve model Rose Concencion modeled in the May 2016 collection.

Hunter McGrady

Adore Me Model Hunter McGrady Wearing Mireille Unlined Plus

The July 2016 collection was joined by model Hunter McGrady.

Emma Sanders

The February 2016 collection was joined by the gorgeous Emma Sanders.

Shelby Bay

Adore Me Model Shelby Bay Wearing Bette Unlined

Model Shelby Bay was featured in the October 2015 collection.

Gabby Westbrook

Adore Me Model Gabby Westbrook Wearing Michella Push Up

Australian model Gabby Westbrook modeled the June 2016 collection.

Clara Alonso

Adore Me Model Clara Alonso Wearing Natasha Unlined

January 2016 collection saw Clara Alonso in our new sets!

Caroline Lowe

Adore Me Model Caroline Lowe Wearing Pam Contour

Instagram vixen Caroline Lowe graced our November 2015 collection.