Simone Villas Boas

Adore Me Model Simone Villas Boas wearing Ainslee Countour

Simone Villas Boas hails from Brazil, but now calls NYC her home. Good for us, as she has been featured in our May, September, October, November and December 2015 collections, as well as our February, April, May, June and July 2016 collections. She’s even starred in one of our commercials!

Vanessa Fonseca

Adore Me Model Venessa Fonseca Wearing Nerissa Contour    

Vanessa has modeled in our September and November 2015 collections, as well as our February, May, June and July 2016 collections. She’s from Brazil and if she wasn’t so busy modeling with top lingerie and swimwear brands, she would open her own health food business!

Hunter McGrady

Adore Me Model Hunter McGrady Wearing Mireille Unlined Plus

The July 2016 collection was joined by model Hunter McGrady.

Iskra Lawrence

Our fave English model Iskra is a body-positive activist, curve model and managing editor at Runway Riot - and she’s only 25!

Rose Concencion

Adore Me Model Rose Concencion Wearing Parker Unlined

Curve model Rose Concencion modeled in the May 2016 collection.

Michelle Rudan

Adore Me Model Michelle Rudian Wearing Tawny Plus Swimsuit

One of our gorgeous, seasoned vets of Plus size, Michelle Rudan modeled for Adore Me’s November and September’s 2015 collections and the January 2016 collection. She posts the best inspirational quotes on instagram and always has great vibes on set!

Bree Warren

Adore Me Model Bree Warren Wearing Kinsley Plus

Bree Warren had her Adore Me debut in the August 2016 Collection, then brought her undeniable beauty to both our September and October 2016 Collections. She stars in our activewear commercial, and represents Adore Me's Plus activewear line!

Emma Sanders

The February 2016 collection was joined by the gorgeous Emma Sanders.

Bruna Lirio


Bruna Lirio made waves with Adore Me when she modeled for our Swimwear 2017 collection! She’s based out of Miami, hails from Brazil and flies all over the world modeling in the most exotic places. We’ve also had the pleasure of shooting Bruna for our May 2017 showroom!

Maggie Rawlins


Maggie Rawlins Douglas is known for her insane following on Instagram (that's 125k followers for those who don't know) and her amazing modeling work for top brands all around the world. Maggie Douglas graces the Adore Me website in the May editorial shoot in the May Collection's top products!

Daniela Lopez


The October 2016 Activewear collection was joined by model Daniela Lopez.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons

Adore Me Model Sophie Tweed-Simmons Wearing Vivianne Unlined Plus

The gorgeous Sophie Tweed-Simmons had her lingerie modeling debut with Adore Me lingerie.

Taelor Thein


Model Taelor Thein made her Adore Me debut in the June 2017 Showroom’s core collection.

Lena Radonjic


Lena Radonjic is a Montenegrin-born model is based in Miami, and posed for Adore Me's May and June Showrooms in 2017. The green-eyed beauty is five-foot-ten and only 20 years young. She's known for having great energy and her fave television show is Cosmos. Her mantra is 'what goes around, comes around.'

Nina Agdal


Danish beauty Nina Agdal is featured in the 2016 Swim Collection.

Caroline Kelley


Model Caroline Kelley was featured in Adore Me's September 2017 Showroom collection.

Marianne McKinney

Adore Me Model Marianne McKinney Wearing Selene Contour

The gorgeous Marianne McKinney modeled the February 2016 collection.

Elyse Taylor


Australian model Elyse Taylor, joined the Adore Me roster when she modeled our all-new 2017 T-shirt Bra collection! Her natural and effortlessly sexy look makes the simplest and elevated bras look next level. She’s walked in fashion shows for top designers all over the world, and was the face for an all natural makeup brand in Australia.

Ashley Graves


Ashley Graves, known for her work with Photogenics Media in LA, joined Adore Me for two collections! In December 2016, she modeled our Spring line to come, and also modeled in our Valentine’s Day collection in 2017. She’s known for being in love with working out, even though her guiltiest pleasure is eating junk food. Her fave workout is dancing, as she was a cheerleader and studied dance for 10 years!

Rachel Cook


Rachel Cook was featured in Adore Me's December 2016 Collection.