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Adore Me Partner New York Hearts Tech

New York Hearts Tech

Silicon Alley has become a powerhouse of e-commerce startups, with front-runners emerging from New York’s buzzing tech scene. Simply put, they are disrupting the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. And yet, New York is still often viewed as second-tier to Silicon Valley, rather than getting the credit it deserves as an e-commerce innovation hub.

This year, New York startups have decided to do something about it. New York Hearts Tech is an initiative bringing Silicon Alley’s innovators together to position the Alley as the capital of eCommerce and create the first NY e-commerce startup community. 

Adore Me Partner Onor


Adore Me runs the Onor Platform not just as single campaigns but as an integral part of their continuous marketing efforts using Onor as their platform to drive customer acquisition and loyalty driving customer life time value (CLV). Deep engagement linked to mechanics that make consumers love a brand are key in a world where ads are distractive; worse even banned from platforms (see latest decisions on Apple in this matter). Consumers look for the soul in things, for empowerment, for experiences where they can opt-in versus have to opt out. Onor provides all that and Adore Me wins with it.

If you give love you get love back.